NameHenry Attride
Deathabt 1835, London Area90
FatherFather Attride (<1730-)
Marriage1787, St. James Westminster, Middlesex40,88
ChildrenHenry (1789-1861)
 Mary (1793->1834)
 Frederick (1798->1834)
 Joseph William (1804->1838)
 Elizabeth (1805->1834)
 Jane (ca1806->1841)
Notes for Henry Attride
Pat Day believes Henry was born in 1765. (PP-385.2)
I, David Attride, am making Henry the son of Father Attride (b. <1730) and brother to George Attride (Will 1838) since George’s Will mentions nephews Henry & Frerick Attride (this Henry’s children). Feb. 2008
Henry & Mary Carnall Attride appear to be the best match for the 1834 Will of Henry Attride of St Geo Southwark, so I, David Attride, connected the following children to them: Mary who married Jas Broomfield; Eliz. who married ___ Clarkson; Jan Attride, Spinster; Frederick Attride; Joseph Wm Attride.
St Mary le Bone Marriages 1783-1792; 1796-1812: No ATTRIDE or ATTRYDE. (PP-500->504)
From Christenings of children Henry and Mary I know that this Henry was married to a Mary prior to 1789. It fits well that the 1787 Westminster married of Henry Attride to Mary Carnall must be them but I am not positive. (PP-203)
1789 a Henry Attride witnessed the St Geo Hanover Sq marriage of Thomas Attride. Are they related?
Will of Henry Attride, Written: Sept. 26, 1834 Proved: 23 Apr 1836 (PP-379 & 607)
People mentioned:Wife, Mary Attride; Children: Elizabeth Clarkson, Mary Broomfield, Jane Attride, Frederick Attride, Joseph William Attride and eldest, Henry.
This is the last Will and Testament of one Henry Attride of Elliotts Row in the parish of St George Southwark in the county of Surrey, Gentleman. I give devise and bequeath unto my children: Elizabeth Clarkson, Mary Broomfield, Jane Attride, Frederick Attride and Joseph William Attride their Executors Administrators and assigns all that my leasehold messauge and premises situate in Elliots Row aforesaid being number 46 ___ with the lease under which I hold the same with the furniture and effects in and about my said house and all my monies in the 3 per cent ___ to the amount of £500 or thereabouts being in the public stock of Great Britain and also all debts due to me at the time of my decease upon ___ ____ toe same may happen to be, and all my estate and effects whatsoever and wheresoever upon trust to permit my wife Mary Attride to reside in my said house and to have the use and enjoyment of my said furntiure and effect during her natural life or until she shall marry again, and also upon further trust to pay to my said wife during her natural life or widowhood all interest and dividends in the public stocks or other securities as they may become due or payable and from and after my said wife’s decease or second marriage I direct that they the said Elizabeth Clarkson, Mary Broomfield, Jane Attride, Frederick Attride and Joseph William Attride and the survivor of them and the executors administrators and assigns of such survivor shall and do transfer and assign my said stocks and securites also my leasehold premises in Elliotts Row being numbered 46 together with any furniture and effects unto and equally between my childeren Elizabeth Clarkson, Mary Broomfield, Jane Attride, Frederick Attride and Joseph William Attride their heirs executors administrators and assigns share and share alike and in case other of my said children the said Elizabeth Clarkson, Mary Broomfield, Jane Attride, Frederick Attride and Joseph William Attride shall die without leaving lawful issue then I ___ that the share or share of such child or children so dying without leaving lawful issue shall go and be divided between the survivors and survivor of my said children sahre and share alike. I have thought proper to leave out my eldest son Henry Attride from sharing any of my property he having had his share during my life, but I desire he has £5 given to him for _____ and I further direct that the share of each of my children shall be paid assigned and transferred to them immediately after my said wife’s decease or second marriage provided always and I will and direct that if ___ of them the said Executors or Executrixes shall die or decline to act in the Trusts ______ mentioned then it shall be lawful for the survivor of them so dying or settling to out to appoint another Trustee to act in conjunction with him or them who shall thereupon be vested with the same powers and authoritys as if the name had been inserted across and I direct that the Trustees hereby appointed shall not be answerable the one for the other of them but only for his own acts and ____ and that it shall be lawful for them of the said trust monies to retain and reimburse themselves upon all costs and expenses which they or _____ sustain or be put to in the discharge of the Trusts hereby reposed in them AND I APPOINT the said Jane Attride and Joseph William Attride my Executor and Executrix of this my last Will and Testament Dated Sept. 26, 1834 Heny Attride. Witnesses Jesse Marchment Buckland Thomas Smithe.
Proved at London 23rd April 1836 before the worshipful Jesse Addare Doctor of Laws and Surrogate by the oaths of Jane Attride Spinster the daughter and Joseph William Attride the son the Executors to which admon was granted having been first sworn duly to administer.
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